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Tip #12- Avoiding Diamonds Altogether:

Solitaire Sapphire Engagement Ring

We have many customers who, for a variety of reasons, are not interested in having diamonds in their engagement rings. Some just don’t want the look of diamonds and in those cases, a solitaire ring is the best choice. A solitaire ring doesn’t have to be boring either. You can consider a ring style with a more ornate or engraved band. Or go bold with a wider band that has a bezel set gemstone at the center. Bezel setting is a great option if you have a very active lifestyle and want to protect the gemstone. You could even consider a ‘solitaire’ ring that incorporates both of your birthstones. Solitaire rings can be done with any shape gemstone. Princess, round and oval are the most popular as solitaires, but don’t overlook marquise, heart, emerald and radiant cut stones as well.

Aquamarine and White Sapphire Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring Alternative: Aquamarine and White Sapphire Engagement Ring Set found at MyJewelrySource.com

Another way to avoid diamonds is the substitute the diamonds in the ring you like with white sapphires or synthetic stones like cubic zirconia. These stones will give you the look of diamonds. MyJewelrySource offers a few gemstone engagement rings that are solitaire rings and some additional past present future engagement rings done with gemstones and white sapphires.

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Rare 4.02 ctw Cushion Cut Pink Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k

Example of Bright Pink Sapphire from MyJewelrySource

Tip #9- Perfectly Pink: If she is partial to the feminine shades of pink, there are many gorgeous options like pink sapphire, pink tourmaline, kunzite and pink topaz. Pink is the color of romance and passion and is also the color of happiness.

Pink sapphires are found in colors ranging from pale baby pink, rose pink, bubble gum, cotton candy, fuchsia, raspberry, hot pink to pinks with hints of lavender and peach. Light pink sapphires can even look like the very rare pink diamond. Pink sapphires are by far the rarest of the pink gemstones. At MyJewelrySource, we offer over 70 carefully selected styles of pink sapphire engagement rings. For each and every ring, the center pink sapphire was hand picked for its exceptional color, clarity and overall appearance. Pink sapphires in sizes of up to 1 carat are fairly easy to find in all shapes, but in sizes over that, certain shapes are very rare. For example, one shape we will find very infrequently is the princess cut in sizes over 1.5 carats. The gem material is so valuable and cutting a princess cut stone leads to a lot of wasted material, so gem cutters simply do not cut large princess cut pink sapphires.

Pink Diamond Pink Sapphire

Example of Light Baby Pink Sapphire from MyJewelrySouce (looks like a pink diamond)

Pink Tourmaline Ring

Example of gorgeous Pink Tourmaline Ring from MyJewelrySouce

Pink tourmalines are a very unique stone with trichroic properties. This basically means that a given gemstone will display three distinct colors when viewed from different angles. So for example, the traditional pink tourmaline color of a raspberry pink may will generally show flashes of purple, magenta and peach. How cool is that!? Tourmalines are often found with inclusions in large size stones but at MyJewelrySource, we have an amazing selection of eye to loupe clean large size gems. Tourmalines are also found in a light pink shade, which reminds us of a pink diamond.

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Tip #8- Passionate Purple: If she loves regal purple, consider amethyst, iolite, and purple sapphire.

Amethyst Engagment Ring

Amethyst Engagement Ring from MyJewelrySource

Amethyst is a popular gemstone, one of the most popular in the US. It is very affordable and readily available in sizes from 1 to 10 carats. Amethyst can be a rich royal purple or it can be found with less color saturation for more of a lavender color. Amethysts from Africa have pink flashes that are visible as the facets catch the light. Often times, you will find amethyst with checkerboard faceting on top. This is not something you would normally see with sapphires or tourmalines for example. Since the gem material is inexpensive, gem cutters can do more unique things with the shapes and faceting of the stones, which results in some really outstanding amethyst engagement rings.

Iolite Engagement Ring

Example of Iolite Engagement Ring from MyJewelrySource

Iolite is more of a bluish purple color, generally saturated in color. It is much harder to find that amethyst and is most often found in oval or emerald cut shapes. Since the color of Iolite is very similar to tanzanite, it is a popular alternative to tanzanite.

Purple sapphires come in the most inviting shades of lilac, orchid and plum. The purple gemstones look amazing in either white or yellow metals. The contrast is striking in the white metals and due to the saturated colors, they hold their own in the yellow metals as well. Color change sapphire, a rare and unique type of sapphire, displays both blue and/or purple depending on the type of lighting. From time to time, MyJewelrySource does offer color change sapphire rings. When we do, the rings are definitely a one of a kind.

Color Change Sapphire

Example of Color Change Sapphire at MyJewelrySource

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Tip #7- Hues of Blue: Blue is a soothing color and a symbol of commitment. It is a constant in our lives, from the color of the sky to the color of the ocean.

1.50 ctw Princess Cut Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14k

1.50 ctw Princess Cut Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring from MyJewelrySource

Sapphires are the best choice for many reasons (including their superior hardness and range of colors) for a blue gemstone engagement ring. Other options include tanzanite, which also had purple tones, and aquamarine, a lighter, softer shade of blue, has been the focal point of many outstanding engagement rings we have created. If she likes sky blue or turquoise blue, don’t overlook blue topaz engagement rings and blue zircon engagement rings.

2.30 ctw Blue Zircon and Diamond Ring in 14k white gold

12.30 ctw Blue Zircon and Diamond Ring from MyJewelrySource

Did you know that blue zircon is one of the most sparkly gemstones? With a refractive index similar to that of a diamond, it is a brilliant beautiful stone. Blue zircon and Swiss blue topaz often look very similar. The highest quality of blue zircon has a color saturation that blue topaz does not have. Both are reminiscent of a gorgeous bright blue sky, or of the Caribbean sea.
Sapphires too can be very sparkly; this is particularly true of sapphires with Ceylon origin. At MyJewelrySource, we primarily offer Ceylon sapphire engagement rings for that very reason. Ceylon sapphires are found in a wide range of blue shades from periwinkle to cornflower to cobalt and royal blue. Sapphires from other locations like Africa or Thailand are also quite beautiful and generally have a richer, darker tone.

3.05 ctw Pear Shape Tanzanite and Diamond Ring in 14k

3.05 ctw Pear Shape Tanzanite Ring from MyJewelrySource

Tanzanite is found in only one location in the world, Tanzania, Africa. It is an exceptional bluish purple gemstone and is often found in large sizes. Lower quality material often is more of a lavender color, which is actually quite pretty. The lighter colors are more affordable and often times set in silver rather than precious gold or platinum.


Blue topaz is the most affordable of the blue gemstones with blue zircon following as a close second. Fine quality aquamarine, particularly the prized Santa Maria aquamarine, is very rare and is priced accordingly. Some qualities and colors of blue sapphire are very affordable especially in sizes of 1 carat or smaller. Fine, vivid cornflower blue Ceylon sapphires are among the most expensive, which reflects the rarity and the quality of the gem.

2.55 ctw Round Aquamarine and Diamond Ring in 14k

3.05 ctw Pear Shape Tanzanite Ring from MyJewelrySource