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2.51 ctw Round Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14k white gold

Yellow Diamond Alternative: A Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring from MyJewelrySource

Tip #11- Looking like a Diamond-Alternatives: If her first choice for an engagement ring is a diamond, but you just don’t have the budget for this option, did you know that there are a few gemstones which have the colors of diamonds? A white diamond, the most common color for diamond, can be substituted with white zircon, white sapphire or white topaz.

The best way to get the yellow diamond ring look for a fraction of the cost is to choose a yellow sapphire ring. You may know that yellow diamonds come in many shades of yellow from the light banana to fancier and more vivid colors like bright golden lemon yellow. MyJewelrySource has a fabulous selection of yellow sapphire rings that very closely replicate the gorgeous yellow diamond.

Exquisite 7.61 ctw Untreated Light Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14k

Pink Diamond Alternative: A Untreated Light Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring from MyJewelrySource

Pink diamonds are one of the rarest of diamonds. Often with a hint of lavender or peach, pink diamonds have been a favorite of celebrities and can very closely be simulated with light pink sapphires and light pink tourmalines. Light pink sapphires are very hard to find but MyJewelrySource does have a gorgeous selection of about a half dozen light pink sapphire engagement rings. Each of our light pink sapphires is carefully hand selected for its amazing resemblance to a pink diamond.

2.18 ctw Blue Zircon and Diamond Ring in 14k

Blue Diamond Alternative: A Blue Zircon and Diamond Ring from MyJewelrySource

If you are interested in the color of a blue diamond, please take a look at our blue zircon rings. Not only does the color of blue zircon look like that of a blue diamond but it also sparkles like a diamond too. This is due to the high refractive index of the gemstone. Not all gemstones have high refractive indexes and that is one characteristic that contributes to sparkle and brilliance.

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Rare 4.02 ctw Cushion Cut Pink Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k

Example of Bright Pink Sapphire from MyJewelrySource

Tip #9- Perfectly Pink: If she is partial to the feminine shades of pink, there are many gorgeous options like pink sapphire, pink tourmaline, kunzite and pink topaz. Pink is the color of romance and passion and is also the color of happiness.

Pink sapphires are found in colors ranging from pale baby pink, rose pink, bubble gum, cotton candy, fuchsia, raspberry, hot pink to pinks with hints of lavender and peach. Light pink sapphires can even look like the very rare pink diamond. Pink sapphires are by far the rarest of the pink gemstones. At MyJewelrySource, we offer over 70 carefully selected styles of pink sapphire engagement rings. For each and every ring, the center pink sapphire was hand picked for its exceptional color, clarity and overall appearance. Pink sapphires in sizes of up to 1 carat are fairly easy to find in all shapes, but in sizes over that, certain shapes are very rare. For example, one shape we will find very infrequently is the princess cut in sizes over 1.5 carats. The gem material is so valuable and cutting a princess cut stone leads to a lot of wasted material, so gem cutters simply do not cut large princess cut pink sapphires.

Pink Diamond Pink Sapphire

Example of Light Baby Pink Sapphire from MyJewelrySouce (looks like a pink diamond)

Pink Tourmaline Ring

Example of gorgeous Pink Tourmaline Ring from MyJewelrySouce

Pink tourmalines are a very unique stone with trichroic properties. This basically means that a given gemstone will display three distinct colors when viewed from different angles. So for example, the traditional pink tourmaline color of a raspberry pink may will generally show flashes of purple, magenta and peach. How cool is that!? Tourmalines are often found with inclusions in large size stones but at MyJewelrySource, we have an amazing selection of eye to loupe clean large size gems. Tourmalines are also found in a light pink shade, which reminds us of a pink diamond.