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Impressive 3.54 ctw Blue Zircon and White Sapphire Ring in 14k yellow gold

Blue Zircon in Yellow Gold

Tip #14 –Selecting a Metal: Most of the rings we offer are stocked in white gold, yellow gold or platinum. We also work in palladium. 14k white and yellow gold are the most popular options for engagement rings. Gold is a precious metal that is durable and perfect for a lifetime of wear. White gold rings are also plated in rhodium, a naturally white metal in the platinum family, and rhodium is what gives rings the white appearance. With white gold rings, you may find that over time you will need to have the ring re-dipped in rhodium to bring back the beautiful shiny white appearance. Most jewelry stores offer a rhodium plating service for a nominal fee. Platinum is the rarest of precious metals and is denser than gold. For a given ring then, the platinum version will weigh more than the gold version. Platinum is not quite as shiny as white gold and since it is a naturally white metal, your platinum ring will stay white forever. The ring will never need to be re-dipped in rhodium. Another option that MyJewelrySource offers is palladium. Palladium rings are becoming more popular because palladium wears and looks a lot like platinum and has a price similar to gold. Like platinum, palladium is hypoalergenic and a great choice for those allergic to the alloys found in gold.

Classic 2.51 ctw Ceylon Sapphire and Trillion Diamond Ring in Platinum

Blue Sapphire in Platinum

2.70 ctw Tanzanite Cushion and Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k white gold

Tanzanite in White Gold