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Tip #8- Passionate Purple: If she loves regal purple, consider amethyst, iolite, and purple sapphire.

Amethyst Engagment Ring

Amethyst Engagement Ring from MyJewelrySource

Amethyst is a popular gemstone, one of the most popular in the US. It is very affordable and readily available in sizes from 1 to 10 carats. Amethyst can be a rich royal purple or it can be found with less color saturation for more of a lavender color. Amethysts from Africa have pink flashes that are visible as the facets catch the light. Often times, you will find amethyst with checkerboard faceting on top. This is not something you would normally see with sapphires or tourmalines for example. Since the gem material is inexpensive, gem cutters can do more unique things with the shapes and faceting of the stones, which results in some really outstanding amethyst engagement rings.

Iolite Engagement Ring

Example of Iolite Engagement Ring from MyJewelrySource

Iolite is more of a bluish purple color, generally saturated in color. It is much harder to find that amethyst and is most often found in oval or emerald cut shapes. Since the color of Iolite is very similar to tanzanite, it is a popular alternative to tanzanite.

Purple sapphires come in the most inviting shades of lilac, orchid and plum. The purple gemstones look amazing in either white or yellow metals. The contrast is striking in the white metals and due to the saturated colors, they hold their own in the yellow metals as well. Color change sapphire, a rare and unique type of sapphire, displays both blue and/or purple depending on the type of lighting. From time to time, MyJewelrySource does offer color change sapphire rings. When we do, the rings are definitely a one of a kind.

Color Change Sapphire

Example of Color Change Sapphire at MyJewelrySource