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Princess Cut Garnet and Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k gold

Garnet Engagement Ring and Wedding Band (MyJewelrySource)

This elegant design was inspired by an antique princess cut diamond wedding ring. We modernized the design and incorporated colorful gemstones to create a truly special and striking engagement ring. We wanted the center stone to be more of a traditional size and so we selected 5.5mm, the size of a 1 carat princess cut diamond.  And since we love the symbolism of a 3 stone ring, especially for engagement ring, we knew we must add a princess cut diamond on either side of the center gemstone. The princess cut diamonds are 2.8mm, about the half the length of the center stone. This gives a nicely balanced look. And we wanted to ensure that the rings would have an old world feel similar to that of the original antique ring and so we added the filigree detail to the sides of the ring, the milgrain edging and chose to set the diamonds in a bead setting.

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Design

CAD of Princess Cut Gemstone and Diamond Wedding Set

Here we show the original computer aided design (CAD) images of the ring. Since we knew this would make a stunning gemstone engagement ring, we also designed a coordinating wedding band.

Notice how the engagement ring and wedding band are designed to nestle close
against each other for a unified look. A second band stacked on the other side
would also be an amazing look. We used the same size round diamonds in both
rings so that the diamonds line up with each when the rings are stacked.

Princess Cut Engagement Ring CAD

CAD images with Wedding Band Vintage Detail

Design Images of Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Stacking of the Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

And here’s what our finished rings look like when they are together. We now offer this princess cut design with aquamarine, amethyst, citrine, garnet, peridot, blue sapphire and pink sapphire. Other gemstones are also available by special request.
Vintage Engagement Rings

Citrine Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Antique Peridot Engagement Rings Vintage Style

Peridot Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

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MyJewelrySource has a stunning collection of gemstone engagement rings. Some are readily available with a coordinating wedding band and some are not. But for those that are not, we have in house capability of designing a matching wedding band. One example of this is our GR-5800 (sold), an exceptional blue sapphire and diamond ring featuring a large 4 carat sapphire. This could be a stand alone ring but our customer preferred to have a diamond wedding band to match.

Ceylon Unheated Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14k

Customer's Ring (purchased at MyJewelrySource)

Untreated Ceylon Unheated Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14k white gold

Side View of Customer's Ring

Our design specialist created a wedding band with the same details found in the engagement ring. Using a CAD (computer aided design) program, it was possible to create a custom wedding band after the engagement ring had been made.


CAD Image of Wedding Band Design

CAD Image Side View of Wedding Band


For example, we added milgrain (beaded) edging to the wedding band. The diamonds in both the band and engagement ring were designed to be the same size and line up with each other when the rings are stacked together. The band was contoured so that it would nestle perfectly against the sapphire engagement ring. And lastly, since the wedding band would be covering the side of the engagement ring, it was important to add the basket detail to the side of the wedding band.


Stacking of the Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Engagement Ring and Band Together


And here’s what our customers had to say about the custom wedding band we designed for them:

“You all out did yourself on the wedding band. We knew it would be lovely but we had no idea it would be as beautiful as it is.  Mirroring the basket took it to a new level, the detail is incredible.  We cannot thank you enough for making it so lovely.  We are so thrilled with the outcome, I cannot wait to wear it! We are truly blown away with how incredible it looks.”

Custom Wedding Band Detail

Fit of the Engagement Ring and Wedding Band