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Tip #7- Hues of Blue: Blue is a soothing color and a symbol of commitment. It is a constant in our lives, from the color of the sky to the color of the ocean.

1.50 ctw Princess Cut Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14k

1.50 ctw Princess Cut Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring from MyJewelrySource

Sapphires are the best choice for many reasons (including their superior hardness and range of colors) for a blue gemstone engagement ring. Other options include tanzanite, which also had purple tones, and aquamarine, a lighter, softer shade of blue, has been the focal point of many outstanding engagement rings we have created. If she likes sky blue or turquoise blue, don’t overlook blue topaz engagement rings and blue zircon engagement rings.

2.30 ctw Blue Zircon and Diamond Ring in 14k white gold

12.30 ctw Blue Zircon and Diamond Ring from MyJewelrySource

Did you know that blue zircon is one of the most sparkly gemstones? With a refractive index similar to that of a diamond, it is a brilliant beautiful stone. Blue zircon and Swiss blue topaz often look very similar. The highest quality of blue zircon has a color saturation that blue topaz does not have. Both are reminiscent of a gorgeous bright blue sky, or of the Caribbean sea.
Sapphires too can be very sparkly; this is particularly true of sapphires with Ceylon origin. At MyJewelrySource, we primarily offer Ceylon sapphire engagement rings for that very reason. Ceylon sapphires are found in a wide range of blue shades from periwinkle to cornflower to cobalt and royal blue. Sapphires from other locations like Africa or Thailand are also quite beautiful and generally have a richer, darker tone.

3.05 ctw Pear Shape Tanzanite and Diamond Ring in 14k

3.05 ctw Pear Shape Tanzanite Ring from MyJewelrySource

Tanzanite is found in only one location in the world, Tanzania, Africa. It is an exceptional bluish purple gemstone and is often found in large sizes. Lower quality material often is more of a lavender color, which is actually quite pretty. The lighter colors are more affordable and often times set in silver rather than precious gold or platinum.


Blue topaz is the most affordable of the blue gemstones with blue zircon following as a close second. Fine quality aquamarine, particularly the prized Santa Maria aquamarine, is very rare and is priced accordingly. Some qualities and colors of blue sapphire are very affordable especially in sizes of 1 carat or smaller. Fine, vivid cornflower blue Ceylon sapphires are among the most expensive, which reflects the rarity and the quality of the gem.

2.55 ctw Round Aquamarine and Diamond Ring in 14k

3.05 ctw Pear Shape Tanzanite Ring from MyJewelrySource