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3.85 ctw Heart Shape Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 18k 

Example of Yellow Sapphire Engagment Ring with simple matching band (MyJewlerySource)

Tip #15- Matching bands: When choosing a gemstone engagement ring, it is often a good idea to decide up front whether you will want a matching band for the engagement ring. You may decide that as a couple, you would like to have matching wedding bands. In that case then, you can select any gemstone engagement ring since it would not need to have a matching band. Often, once married, the lady will move the engagement ring to the right hand and wear the wedding band on the left hand. MyJewelrySource offers many gemstone engagement ring styles with matching bands. Some matching bands are

Amethyst and Diamond Engagement Set

Example of Amethyst Engagement Ring with knotched matching band (MyJewlerySource)

contoured to sit flush and nestle right up next to the engagement ring. Some matching bands are straight on both sides, so that they can be used as a stand alone wedding band as well. We also have many one of a kind rings for which we do not show a matching band. For these styles, we can definitely create a matching band. All you need to do is ask. Another look that is gaining in popularity is the stand alone engagement ring. This ring is one that would be worn alone and serves as the engagement ring and wedding band. Some women prefer to have just one ring, or some will find that adding a band actually becomes too much for the finger. So it’s nice to consider how you will want to wear your gemstone engagement ring and wedding band as you are making your selection.

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