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Tip #12- Avoiding Diamonds Altogether:

Solitaire Sapphire Engagement Ring

We have many customers who, for a variety of reasons, are not interested in having diamonds in their engagement rings. Some just don’t want the look of diamonds and in those cases, a solitaire ring is the best choice. A solitaire ring doesn’t have to be boring either. You can consider a ring style with a more ornate or engraved band. Or go bold with a wider band that has a bezel set gemstone at the center. Bezel setting is a great option if you have a very active lifestyle and want to protect the gemstone. You could even consider a ‘solitaire’ ring that incorporates both of your birthstones. Solitaire rings can be done with any shape gemstone. Princess, round and oval are the most popular as solitaires, but don’t overlook marquise, heart, emerald and radiant cut stones as well.

Aquamarine and White Sapphire Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring Alternative: Aquamarine and White Sapphire Engagement Ring Set found at MyJewelrySource.com

Another way to avoid diamonds is the substitute the diamonds in the ring you like with white sapphires or synthetic stones like cubic zirconia. These stones will give you the look of diamonds. MyJewelrySource offers a few gemstone engagement rings that are solitaire rings and some additional past present future engagement rings done with gemstones and white sapphires.

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Princess Cut Garnet and Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k gold

Garnet Engagement Ring and Wedding Band (MyJewelrySource)

This elegant design was inspired by an antique princess cut diamond wedding ring. We modernized the design and incorporated colorful gemstones to create a truly special and striking engagement ring. We wanted the center stone to be more of a traditional size and so we selected 5.5mm, the size of a 1 carat princess cut diamond.  And since we love the symbolism of a 3 stone ring, especially for engagement ring, we knew we must add a princess cut diamond on either side of the center gemstone. The princess cut diamonds are 2.8mm, about the half the length of the center stone. This gives a nicely balanced look. And we wanted to ensure that the rings would have an old world feel similar to that of the original antique ring and so we added the filigree detail to the sides of the ring, the milgrain edging and chose to set the diamonds in a bead setting.

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Design

CAD of Princess Cut Gemstone and Diamond Wedding Set

Here we show the original computer aided design (CAD) images of the ring. Since we knew this would make a stunning gemstone engagement ring, we also designed a coordinating wedding band.

Notice how the engagement ring and wedding band are designed to nestle close
against each other for a unified look. A second band stacked on the other side
would also be an amazing look. We used the same size round diamonds in both
rings so that the diamonds line up with each when the rings are stacked.

Princess Cut Engagement Ring CAD

CAD images with Wedding Band Vintage Detail

Design Images of Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Stacking of the Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

And here’s what our finished rings look like when they are together. We now offer this princess cut design with aquamarine, amethyst, citrine, garnet, peridot, blue sapphire and pink sapphire. Other gemstones are also available by special request.
Vintage Engagement Rings

Citrine Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Antique Peridot Engagement Rings Vintage Style

Peridot Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

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3 Stone Oval Tanzanite Round Diamond Ring in 14k yellow gold

Yellow Gold Past Present Future Tanzanite Ring from MyJewelrySource

Tanzanite is a unique gem, found only in one location on Earth. And since it has such a gorgeous color, we are all so lucky it was first discovered some 40 years ago and then made its way to fine jewelry. MyJewelrySource has a special collection of fine quality tanzanite jewelry and we carefully source the most beautiful stones we can find. You probably are aware that tanzanite in jewelry has a wide range of hues, from pale lavender to dark purple. But it’s the medium to dark tones, strong saturations, and slightly purplish blue hues that are the most prized.

Oval Tanzanite and Round Diamond Ring with Engraving in 14k white gold

Three Stone Tanzanite and Diamond Ring with Engraving

We have a delightful three stone design which features a 7x5mm oval tanzanite with a 10 point round diamond on each side, GR-7080 (shown above) and GR-7075 (shown left). In addition to the symbolism of the design, the ring has been given a vintage feel with the engraving that adorns three sides of the band. This is one ring we just had to offer in 14k white or 14k yellow gold because fine quality tanzanite is one of those gems that looks amazing in either color of gold.

AAA Grade Tanzanite Rings

Fine quality Cushion Cut Tanzanite Ring from MyJewelrySource

If you’re looking for a really spectacular gem, our GR-7067 (shown right) features a stunning purplish blue 7mm cushion cut tanzanite with a medium tone and strong saturation. Tanzanites that show a more predominantly blue color are more rare and valuable since more gem weight is lost when a cutter orients the rough to bring out the blue hue. Therefore, gems are not usually cut this way and when you find one, you know you have a very special stone. The tanzanite in this ring has an exceptional cut and it is very lively. The setting features a split shank design adorned with rows of small, fully faceted round diamonds. The ring has a low profile so it will be quite comfortable for frequent wear. Notice too how we have used substantial V style prongs to not only hold the tanzanite securely but to also protect it from daily bumps and bruises.

Princess Cut Tanzanite, Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14k white gold

Stunning Tanzanite, Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring from MyJewelrySource

The last design we wanted to showcase in this blog in our princess cut tanzanite and pink sapphire ring, GR-7089 (shown left). Wow, this ring will literally take your breath away. The combination of the jewel tones of the tanzanite and pink sapphires is mesmerizing. To highlight it all, we’ve framed the gems with bright, sparkling round diamonds. And to make sure the ring is a showstopper from every angle, we’ve added gorgeous filigree detail to the basket. In case this speaks to you as an engagement ring, we’ve already designed a coordinating diamond wedding band to complete the set.

Please take a look at all of our tanzanite rings on our website.

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One of the things we love most about sapphires is that they are found in a rainbow of colors. They are so much more than blue, pink or yellow. Sapphires are sometimes found in green, orange, and purple. And of course, red, known as ruby.  We think the perfect way to celebrate the gorgeous colors of sapphire is with a rainbow hued bracelet. The styles we offer are primarily tennis style bracelets due to their versatility and durability but we do also have bangles and link styles too. There are a lot of ways to put together a rainbow sapphire bracelet and often times, manufacturers will omit certain colors creating a mulitcolor sapphire bracelet but not a true rainbow sapphire bracelet. Or they sometimes pair lighter toned sapphires with darker toned sapphires resulting in an abrupt pattern, losing the elegant and inviting color flow of the rainbow. For these reasons, we do not purchase and resell finished rainbow sapphire bracelets. We make them in house so that we have complete control over the quality and layout of the gems. We pride ourselves in the care and meticulousness we use to select the sapphires for our rainbow sapphire bracelets. At MyJewelrySource, we use only the finest quality rainbow sapphires and take great care with our color layouts to ensure a stunning, balanced color flow. If you love color and are looking for that signature bracelet that will literally go with everything, we invite you to consider one of our spectacular sapphire bracelets.

Princess Cut Rainbow Sapphire Bracelets in 14k yellow gold

Princess Cut Rainbow Sapphire Bracelet in Yellow Gold from MyJewelrySource

Our most favorite rainbow sapphire bracelet is our 11 carat Princess Cut Rainbow Sapphire Bracelet, GB-4071 (shown above), featuring 3mm sapphires. The sapphires are channel set in a heavy 14k yellow gold tennis bracelet style mounting. The bracelet has no prongs, only smooth sides and edges so it will be very comfortable for daily wear. The sapphires are a great size and show up beautifully and the yellow gold setting enhances their beauty. For our rainbow layout, we create two consecutive rainbow patterns so no matter how the bracelet sits on your wrist, you will be able to appreciate and enjoy all of the beautiful colors.

1.35 ctw Rainbow Sapphire Bangle Bracelet in 14k white gold with Satin Finishing

Playful Burnished Set Rainbow Sapphire Bangle Bracelet in White Gold from MyJewelrySource

Our GB-4048 (shown on left) is an amazing bangle bracelet done in 14k white gold with burnished set rainbow sapphires. Here again we use a heavy gold setting so this bangle will easily hold up to a lifetime of frequent wear, not to mention the fact that a heavy gold setting just simply feels better on than a cheap light weight setting! This bangle features 3mm brilliant cut round sapphires in a zig zag layout. We’ve also applied a satin finish to the white gold to really make the sapphires stand out.

We have about twenty styles of rainbow sapphire bracelets featuring round, princess cut or radiant cut sapphires in a range of sizes. These bracelets look great on their own or paired with your favorite gold or diamond bracelet too. Since we do make all of our rainbow sapphire bracelets in house, we can also do special orders for other designs, custom lengths and layouts too. We also make coordinating rings, earrings and pendants.